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Verification is required and unavoidable! Deviating from my screening is a major red flag and automatic rejection of future communications. I only cater to top notch gentlemen with proper manners. I have Zero tolerance and will not reply to any explicit requests and haggling rates. The more information you provide the smoother the process as screening takes time and I am thorough!

Employment Verification

Employer's / Business website link.

Send a blank email to from your work email.

I will not reply, it's not affiliated to the industry. 


Your ID / Business Card / Work badge

Must match your name / work email.

 Cover your address if you wish.


Established social media links Linkedin or Facebook.


Screening Must be completed prior to my arrival. I do not have extra time during travels and bookings to screen new clients. You're welcome to submit your screening while I'm there for a future visit.

Booking Form

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Booking Form

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